Ehouse Ultrasonic Pest Repeller Review

Ehouse Ultrasonic Pest Repeller Review

If you live in an area where you get a lot of uninvited guests like mice, bats, squirrels, cockroaches, bed bugs, ants and many other scary looking creatures classified as bugs, Ehouse Ultrasonic Pest Repeller is the thing for you.

There is no way for someone to ignore the invasion of these pests and rodents because they can do some severe damage to your health and property. Most other solutions that you find in the market kill these animals, creating an additional job for you, i.e., cleaning the dead bodies.

Ehouse Ultrasonic Pest Repeller Functions

Anyone who has spent time with mice knows how much they stink, alive or dead. The solutions that kill these pests can be an embarrassment for you if a guest comes to your house and finds a dead mouse at your doorstep. The ultrasonic pest repellent uses modern technology to send the intruders away from your home.

About The Product

Putting it against other repellents on the market reveals that Ehouse Ultrasonic pest repellent has the best features. First, it is a repellant that uses electromagnetic waves to repel the animals and also the different wave frequencies to mimic the sounds of prey animals.

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    It is a repellent that repels the pests and rodents—it does not kill them
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    Plugs in safely into a power outlet and starts working immediately
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    It provides coverage of an area of up to 1600sqft
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    It consumes only 4 to 6 watts
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    The small size means you can carry it with you if relocating
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    It performs equally well for extremely cold and hot weathers
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    It does not have any smell
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    It is not toxic and is pet-friendly
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    Supply voltage can be 100 to 240V
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    It has a night light that you can switch on and off
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    Its plastic is fireproof

These features make ultrasonic pest repellent friendly for kids, pets, and anyone around it. It can be an excellent product for those who don’t want to be cleaning the carcasses of dead mice, squirrels, and other animals. Since it never kills those pests, you never have to face the embarrassment of an offensive smell coming from your house.

Props to Ehouse for creating a product that works well in hot and cold climates. So, whether you live on the equator or to the farthest corners of the North Pole, this ultrasonic repellent will work for you.

It also has a vast coverage of 1600sqft which comes close to about 150 square meters. If you have large rooms in your house, one unit should provide optimum performance in each room.

A comparison with pesticides clarifies that a repellent is a winner. A frequent issue with pesticides is that they would kill only one type of pest or rodent and will be useless for others. For example, a pesticide might kill cockroaches but become useless when it comes to bed bugs, ticks, and wasps.

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The ultrasonic pest repellent takes care of a variety of rodents and pests including but not limited to squirrels, mice, flies, mosquitoes, ticks, spiders, fleas, etc. It might take care of anything non-human in your house except your pet.  



  • It does not have a smell
  • It kills a wide range of pests and rodents
  • It is pet-friendly
  • It does not use poisons, sprays, etc.
  • Excellent product for apartments, offices, homes, and gardens
  • There is a night light with a soothing effect
  • The makers are offering 100% money back and lifetime guarantee
  • It does not have that satisfaction of killing which can make it hard to believe for some customers whether or not the product is working

What Others Say

Anyone interested in buying this product should not let second thoughts stop them. It is the number one ranking bestseller on Amazon in its category. Customers have loved this product and shown their admiration for it in their reviews as well.

At the time of writing this review, ultrasonic pest repellent has 4.8 stars out of 5 based on the rankings from hundreds of reviewers. A lot of customers admit that this is the best repellent they have purchased.

Users have also shown their inclination of recommending this product to their friends and colleagues. They love the fact that a technological solution like this can help keep pests and rodents away without spraying any poisonous chemicals and powders.

Another thing they have admired repeatedly is that they don't need to do anything for the product to work—they plug it into their power outlets, and the repellent starts doing its job.

Buying Advice

Whenever you are looking for a solution to get rid of bed bugs, flies, mosquitoes, squirrels, mice, etc. the first point of concern is whether or not the product is safe for you and your pets. It ticks that box and many others that should be on the list when you are looking for a solution to get rid of the undesired guests at home.

Ehouse Ultrasonic Pest Repeller


The makers also deserve applause for making it a global product by making it capable of accepting 100-240 voltage. Moreover, it works well no matter how cold or hot it is in your city. Lastly, the next significant doubt in the minds of customers is if such a product will work at all.

The good news is that the makers of this product have obtained the necessary patents and conducted the required tests for the peace and safety of their customers.

Final Verdict

There should be no question about how fantastic this product is when you consider its safety features and advanced technology for repelling the pests. The only thing left for confirmation is if those features are useful.

The almost five-star rating from those who have purchased this product should remove that doubt from your mind as well. It is a product to buy and recommend to those who are fighting the unending battle with the creepy crawlers.

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